Barbell Saves Project

Healing the body to save the mind.

Rob Best



Empowering those seeking recovery to achieve long-term success and well-being through a community-based fitness and health program.


CrossFit classes are offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1:30-2:30pm by a Level 2 Trainer coach.


Better physical health and mental wellbeing for all individuals in recovery.


The Barbell Saves Project brings individuals new in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction to community based fitness classes with the aim of improving their physical and mental wellbeing. Our classes focus on strengthening the community for participants and increasing overall health for each participant. In addition to building strength and fitness among members, we provide nutrition information and support members to achieve their health goals, while sustaining their sobriety.


Arizona State University is a community collaborator with the Barbell Saves Project and interested members can participate in a brief survey to demonstrate the efficacy of this community based exercise program among those in recovery.